ISAAR 2021 Programme

The topic of ISAAR 2021 is:

"The auditory system throughout life – Models, mechanisms and interventions"

The general subject of the 2021 symposium is "The auditory system throughout life – Models, mechanisms and interventions". The concept is to consider this topic from different perspectives, including current physiological concepts, perceptual measures and models, electrophysiology and neuroscience approaches, as well as implications for hearing devices and new technical applications. The programme will consist of invited talks as well as contributed talks and posters. The session titles and invited speakers are listed below.

  1. The neural bases of age-related hearing loss
    Charles Liberman, Daniel Polley, Karen Steel
  2. The developing auditory system
    Dan Sanes, Deniz Baskent, Teresa Ching
  3. The aging auditory brain
    Barbara Shinn-Cunningham, Jonathan Simon, Björn Herrmann
  4. Cognitive aging: Mechanisms and interventions
    Stuart Rosen, Frank Lin, Diane Lazard
  5. Rehabilitation and compensation strategies
    Ruth Litovsky, Pamela Souza, Anna Warzybok, Tobias Neher
  • On-site participant registration will open on August 25 at 8 am. (Please note that online registration before this date is required to attend the symposium.)
  • The scientific programme will start on August 25 at 10 am and end on August 27 at 12:30 pm.
  • The symposium will end with lunch on August 25 from 12:30 pm.