Piotr Majdak1, Clara Hollomey1, Robert Baumgartner1
Acoustics Research Institute, Austrian Academy of Sciences, Vienna, Austria

The auditory modeling toolbox (AMT) is a Matlab/Octave toolbox for the development and application of auditory computational models with a particular focus on binaural hearing. The AMT aims at reproducing model predictions and at providing user-friendly access, allowing students and researchers to work with and to advance existing models. To this end, it consists of implementations of auditory models, structured in-code documentation, and the auditory data required to run the models. Model implementations can be evaluated by running so-called demonstrations which are quick presentations of a model and by starting so-called experiments aiming at reproducing results from the corresponding publications. With its version 1.0, the AMT provides a sophisticated framework including caching mechanisms, online repositories, general purpose functions, and plotting functionality, all intended to encourage the enhancement of existing models. For future contributions, the AMT offers multi-licensing of the model implementations, clear display of authorship, and citations to their authors’ publications. The AMT 1.0 includes over 50 models and is freely available as an open-source package from http://www.amtoolbox.org.

Acknowledgements: Partially funded from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme, project SONICOM, under grant agreement No 101017743.