Date: 22 August 2023

Place: Campus of the Technical University of Denmark

Structure: The workshop will feature several invited talks by researchers studying various aspects of interactive communication, a poster session, and discussion groups.

Purpose: The Copenhagen workshop on interactive communication studies will bring together researchers from many different disciplines to identify and discuss core issues relating to research in interactive communication behavior. The aim is to put focus on the importance of interaction in communication studies by sharing insights and experiences, exploring new approaches and methodologies, and fostering interdisciplinary collaboration. Participants will have the opportunity to engage in lively discussions and debates on topics such as how to use technology in communication behavior research, the impact of social and cultural contexts on interactive communication, the importance of nonverbal communication channels, and others. By bringing together scholars from diverse backgrounds, the workshop aims to promote a deeper understanding of the complex dynamics of interactive communication and to generate new ideas and perspectives for future research.

Preliminary programme:

9.00-9.15 Welcome and Intro
9.15-9.50 First talk (25 min talk & 10 min questions)
9.50-10.00 Break
10.00-10.35 Second Talk (25 min talk & 10 min questions)
10.35-11.10 Third Talk (25 min talk & 10 min questions)
11.10-11.25 Break
11.25-12.00 Fourth Talk (25 min talk & 10 min questions)
12.00-14.00 Posters & Lunch
14.00-16.00 Discussions & Focus groups
16.00-17.00 Summary

19.00 Dinner

Organization: Axel Ahrens, Valeska Slomianka, Ingvi Örnolfsson