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We will use Zoom and Zoom Webinar for this conference. A few hours before the start of each day, a webinar link for that day will be sent out via email. All presentation must be LIVE not pre-recorded.

Podium sessions: Zoom webinar. With invited and contributed talks. Invited talks are 25 minutes (+5 minutes for questions) and contributed talks are 15 minutes (+5 minutes for questions).

Parallel sessions: Zoom meeting. 8 minutes long and followed by 2 minutes of questions. More in-depth questions can be posed at the end of each Parallel session. We encourage everyone to further discuss the full Parallel session during this Panel discussion.


In addition to the Q&A sessions we will run within Zoom, we will host a Slack workspace for the conference. We encourage you to use this to reach out directly to other attendees or to have more in-depth discussions.


The conference proceedings for 2021 will consist of the abstracts from all of the contributions to the conference, which is different from previous years where the proceedings consisted of manuscripts from a selection of the contributions. Authors who are interested in contributing a written account of their contribution are now encouraged to submit directly to the ISAAR 2021 Special Issue in Trends in Hearing, rather than to first submit a conference manuscript and then optionally also a journal manuscript. The deadline for submission is November 30, 2021. More details regarding submission requirements for the special issue will follow soon.


For further questions or technical assistance, do not hesitate to reach out to the organizing committee via